Thursday, March 19, 2015

The joint effort

The present era, needless to say, is the era of ultra-modern technology. In every part of the world, digitization has become a part and parcel of human life. To be at par with the flow, the Government of our nation also has made an envision of a Digital India- where communication network among the citizens becomes quick, convenient and hassle-free. In order to give this dream a shape, electronic governance- or e-governance- has become the need of the hour.
By e-governance, one may refer to the various forms of communication that take place via information and communication technology within the government framework. It is the means that can carry people’s voice to the government and vice-versa. We all know that India is a vast country that bears a population of around 1.27 billion. And so, it has not always been possible for the voice of each and every person to reach the Government. Lacuna has always been there and the ones who have fallen victims to that lacuna have had been deprived of their rights. E- governance is a measure that widens this communication route between the people and the government to a great extent because of the presence of technology. And- as they say- charity begins at home. Once the communication system in the Government’s own framework is digitized, it can move forward to digitize the entire nation- giving birth to the awaited Digital Media.

Here, the term ‘technology’ plays a crucial role. It forms the key to the entire endeavor. Intel- the multinational corporation that simply is anything and everything of technology and believes in the versatility of it- has come as the helping hand in realizing the vision of our Government. The corporation has taken smart initiatives such as ‘Digital Skills for India’ and ‘Innovate for India’ through which it has been fostering technology for the noble cause. The versatile technology provided by Intel is to give a master boost to the vision by strengthening e-governance- by which its own as well as the commons’ communication with the government will widen up. The government can now interact with the people as well as with the corporation. It can interact with its people regarding the matter and give directions to the corporation accordingly- with Intel at its best in implementing it, as always. The joint effort by the Government and by Intel can realize the #DigitalIndia vision in the best way- bringing our nation at par with the globe in this field.

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