Monday, July 11, 2016

Call of the moment

Childhood is one of the most fragile stages of human life. It is the stage that forms the base of the development of the person. So, growth in all forms indeed is a serious thing to look for in a child.

We often see malnourished children around us. It is not that all of them hail from extremely poor families and are thus, not fed properly. At times, we see children from well-to-do families as well in the same condition.

There may be reasons for this. The food we give to the child may not contain that particular nutrient that the child’s health is starving for. But how would we know what that particular nutrient is, or what food contains the same? We hear different suggestions from different people and ultimately end up in confusions. We try different methods. But what we lastly see is that there is no required growth in the child. The child may show growth on one aspect but lag behind in the other. Or maybe if they are physically fit, they may show psychological disorders.

Some of us, at this stage, ignore this and stop taking any measure considering that things will get okay as the child develops age. But sadly, it often results in the opposite. Those children ultimately grow up to be extremely short-height, underweight, overweight, or mentally unstable. There may be many other problems. As a result, they are often prone to mockery, several diseases and it also becomes life-threatening at times. And the bitter truth is that hardly can any step be taken at that stage.

So in order to prevent such things one must realize the importance of helping a child catch up on lost growth before it is too late. It indeed is the call of the moment and must be tackled with as early as possible. It is true that an individual may have least knowledge on which vitamin or mineral is required for the growth in one aspect. But experts are always there to help us around. There are health-drinks available in the market that contain all the required nutrients for a child in necessary amounts, and have been clinically proven to provide all round growth to a child. They may be provided to the child as a part of their staple diet. They are often seen to have helped a child recover the growth issues. 
Well, even in this case, one must be careful while buying the product. One must see the health drink one is buying is genuine or not, as several similar-looking products also have flooded the market. One must remember that the milk powder fed to infants and the one used as milk-substitute while preparing tea are completely two different things though they look and taste almost the same.

Well, if problems still persist, in my opinion, one must consult a reputed physician. But in no case must one ignore it. Timely taken measures will lead to recovery of all the problems the child faces, and the child ultimately will grow up to be a healthy man or woman, giving a helping hand in making the world a much better place to live in.

Friday, June 3, 2016

The Fortunate Mistake

They reached their destination on the scheduled time. They took their positions. The tall man looked at his friend and made a facial gesture. The other fellow handed him the packet. The tall fellow took the device out of the packet and pressed some buttons present on it. He then checked his time-piece. “The train is to reach here in five minutes”. The others didn’t reply. They just raised their thumbs. The tall fellow then placed the device carefully on the railway track and covered it with some stone-chips. He then took out his remote control. “Let’s move,” he said, and all of them moved to a distance and hid behind the bushes.
Seven minutes passed, and they did not hear the sound of any train. Their faces showed tension. Their eyes showed anger. Today they were to avenge their years of hunger and poverty.
And then, they heard the noise of the train. Each soul got excited. The tall fellow got up from his place. As the train was running over the place where he had put that device, the tall fellow closed his eyes and pressed the remote button hard.
Two seconds. Four seconds. Ten seconds. The train crossed the place and took its way. It soon got out of site. Silence prevailed. There was no noise that they were expecting for.
The tall fellow opened his eyes, unable to judge if they had failed in their attempt, or had he suddenly gone deaf. The other members also came out of the bushes. They looked at each other. And then, they suddenly heard somebody speak in shrill tone- “Don’t move, else we will shoot. Stay where you are.”
The area was filled with police and CISF.
Three months later
“Sitting with the phone every minute! Have you forgotten we had to go shopping?”
“I remember, Rimi. Just a minute more.”
“Who is online? Painter babu?”
Srijita looked at Rimi with a half-annoyed face. “I have told you not to use that name.”
“Achcha baba I won’t say again. You enjoy your copyright. Happy now? So… is Joy online?”
“Yep,” Srijita replied with a smile. “He has sent another sketch. Just see.”
“Wow! Looks so real yaar!”
They stayed in the hostel present inside the grand campus of Durgapur College of Medicines, better known as DCM. It had been a long time Srijita had not gone home. So this time, she had decided to take with herself, gifts for every member of her family. And now, when the time of shopping had come, she got busy on Facebook. She is actually not a Facebook addict. But then, Joy was online.
Judging from his Facebook profile, Joy was a fair-complexioned guy with spiky hair who loved painting and was extremely good at it. He stayed in Kolkata where he was pursuing MBA. His hometown was in some village. He and Srijita were Facebook-friends for a couple of months. Srijita loved to see his paintings. But she herself did not know how close she came to him when she saw portrait of her own face as drawn by him. The portrait is now her laptop’s wallpaper.
As Srijita shut her laptop and was ready to leave for shopping her phone rang.
“Hello aunty… yes… please tell what happened… WHAT?!!!”
She stood with her phone like a statue. On the constant pokes by Rimi, she just replied- “Papa has been hit by a bullet.”

The train rushed at its speed. Sometimes over the bridges. Sometimes amidst the greenery. The bogie was almost empty of passengers. Srijita’s eyes were wet. She felt lonely. Just as infectious creatures like mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, similarly, ominous thoughts breed in an idle brain. The same happened with Srijita as well. The ominous thoughts could find no other victim as good as her at this moment. To rescue herself from them, Srijita took her phone and tried listening to her favourite songs. But they didn’t help. She wanted to call somebody. But to whom? She rolled down her contacts list to see if she could find anybody worthy of calling- one who, she felt, could beat those ominous thoughts. There was no one. Whenever she fell in any problem she called her papa itself. But today he himself was the cause of her problem. She was to keep her phone back in her bag only when she noticed the facebook icon.
She logged in to her account, still unsure if it would be of some help. A few of her friends were online. As she scrolled the list she came across the name ‘Joy’. She clicked on it.
‘Hi’ she typed.
‘Hello dearie. How are you?’
‘Not so fine. Papa is ill’
‘Why? What happened?’
She wondered whether she should tell everything. She had never seen this fellow. But he also had never seen him. What would happen if he came to know it?
‘A bullet has hit him.’
‘What? Hope you are not kidding.’
Was she kidding? Her papa was there in the hospital this fellow asked if she was kidding! Srijita was to type something out of anger but then controlled herself. The fellow didn’t know the truth, and this fact is really an unusual one.
‘I am not kidding,’ she replied.
‘How did it happen?’
‘He is a police commissioner. It is the work of the Hartists.’
‘I see’, the fellow replied and paused. His message then came again- ‘Would you mind telling me everything about you? Just wanted to know.’
Srijita had friends, but they never valued her so much. She had no mother. She shared everything with her father, but today this option too was not with her. She actually felt alone. And when every known person becomes a stranger, the mind relieves its burden by speaking it out to a stranger itself- a stranger who has not ‘become’ a stranger.
She typed- ‘I have lost my mother in an accident. My father is a police commissioner and is prone to attacks as he is a big enemy of the Hartists. For my protection he has sent me to Durgapur but with repeated warnings that I do not mix so much with people lest some enemy traces me and tries to harm me. I am very lonely, Joy. I have nobody in my life to share my feelings with.’
She felt some amount of relief as she pressed the ‘send’ button. The heart had released its burden, and the eyes- some drops of tear.
A minute passed and no reply came from Joy. What it mentioned was just that he was typing. Why was Joy taking so long? Perhaps his reply would be some long philosophical speech. Or perhaps he is still thinking of a suitable reply.
The reply was- ‘I understand dear. I am really sorry about your life. All will be fine. Don’t worry.’
The reply was quite formal. But it brought a lot of peace to Srijita.

As Srijita got down the train in Chalsa station she found two men in khakee waiting for her. They had come to pick her up. She went with them to their car. As the driver took them towards their home, she asked them what the actual cause was.
“The Hartists did this in order to seek revenge,” one of them replied, “because of your papa’s smart plan they had failed in their attempt to bombard Kanchankanya Express three months ago. The team members along with the leader were taken captive. Their men, as a result, decided to avenge this.”
“How is papa now?”
“He is quite good. The bullet had hit his arm. It was a narrow escape.”
“And the fellow who had shot him?”
“He has escaped. We are looking for him.”
The Hartists hailed from the village named Hartkhola. The people there, after years of suffering, had decided not to let anybody stay in peace. They believed they are poor because somebody has become rich with their money. For years they had been looking for jobs, going door to door for money, but nobody helped them. Each day they saw their near and dear ones die because of diseases and hunger. And this thing ultimately had compelled them to rise against the ones who were not like them.
“Beta… see what has happened..!” Aunt said as she ran to hug Srijita. The other members helped her with her huge luggage. They didn’t stay there for long. Despite her unwillingness, Srijita was somehow forced to take her meal. And then, they drove to the hospital, where her father, Commissioner Anand was admitted.
Srijita hugged her father with tear-filled eyes as she saw him sitting on his bed. His right arm had a big bandage.
“Don’t cry beta. You must be proud of your papa.”
“I don’t want all this, papa. I just want you. What would have happened had the bullet hit your chest?”
Commissioner Anand caressed his daughter’s head and said, “Do not worry. Nothing bad will happen as long as my daughter is with me.”
Srijita was not moved by this flattery. She was sad for her papa. But deep inside she was proud of him.

In another part of the town
“How could you miss it, you fool?” asked the man in the dhoti-kurta to the other man whose head was bent.
“Sorry dada. Just for a bit…”
“Just keep your bloody mouth shut! Where had you been when I was teaching you people to shoot?”
“Now what will we do, baba?” asked the fellow sitting on the fibre chair.
“Now we have just one way out. That bloody commissioner’s daughter has come. It is time to kill her.”
“Are you sure?” the fellow in the chair stood up.
“Why? What is the problem?”
“She hasn’t done anything.”
The man in dhoti came close to his son. He held his arms. “No son. Every person like them is at fault. And it will really be a good lesson for them. The commissioner will lose his daughter, and only then will he realize what a child’s death means to a father.”
The young fellow’s innocent eyes filled with vengeance as he recalled how his sister had died of a terrible disease. She was admitted in the nearby government hospital, but the doctors there recommended her to be transferred to a better place as her condition was very serious. She was admitted in the nearest private hospital where they charged huge money. These people had to sell a portion of their land for the same. But ultimately there was no improvement in her. When they lacked money they had knocked many doors for help, but all in vain. The major operation, as a result, could not be carried out. She had to depend on small medicines till the day the doctor declared with a sad face that she was dead.
The fellow got ready with the gun. In no time he and his people went to the jungle by the road and took their positions. The moment they saw Srijita returning from the hospital they blocked the place. Soon the guards, who were with them, also got active with their guns. The fight began.
Srijita and the other members inside the car were told to hide themselves below the seats lest some bullet hit the window. Srijita was terrified as she heard the sounds of bullets and cries of pain of the people who were hit, from both sides. As the firing continued, she picked up bit of courage and raised her head upto her eyes to look outside the window. She was, indeed, shocked to see the bodies of the dead people fallen on the floor, bleeding- be it some guard, or some Hartist. Earlier she had never seen such a thing in real. She closed her eyes for a second, but looked again. The Hartists were scattered in the jungle, hiding behind the trees and bushes and aiming at the guards from there. There were so many of them.
And then, suddenly her attention fell on the face of an angry young Hartist trying to shoot from a distance. She just stared at his face. The fellow, from the distance, also noticed the eyes of the girl. He closed his eyes and recalled his sister’s lifeless face. He opened his eyes and as he aimed at her forehead, he saw the girl raise her head to the fullest. They saw each other clear. The sounds of bullets surpassed any other sound. Nobody heard what the girl suddenly said at that time. Only the boy could understand by the movement of her lips what she had uttered. She had uttered his name.
Before anything else could be done by them, the road had been cleared of any rival. The driver was asked to move on. He raised his head in fear, and sped the car towards the destination.
The CISF Jawans were informed of this. They soon arrived there with different kind of rifles for their protection.
In her room, Srijita was on her bed with tears in her eyes. She still could not believe if it was Joy whom she had seen. How could Joy be her enemy? Or how could she herself come such close to her enemy? She remembered how in the train she had shared her deepest secrets with him. How she had believed in him. She wept as she thought all this. And her every fallen tear made her strong. Strong and determined. She knew what she had to do. She rang up one of her father’s colleagues.
“Uncle, I know one of the Hartists involved in this. I would give you every detail of him.”

It was 11 pm. Srijita and her other relatives had their dinner. They had almost gone to sleep when a guard came in to announce that the Hartists had placed their attack. They had to be careful.
The CISF Jawans got into action in no time. Very soon the firing began again. This time, the Hartists were a huge force. They had covered a good part of the fields behind their house. The grass had grown tall enough and it was difficult for one to see where they exactly were hiding. And then, they heard a huge noise. A portion of their house was in flames. “Goodness! They are throwing bombs,” Uncle said.
They did not know what to do. All three of them- Uncle, aunt and Srijita herself- hid under the bed. They could see a Hartist enter the room and search for them. He inspected every corner and was about to lean down to look under the bed, when a CISF Jawan hit him from behind. All three had a sigh of relief.
But this relief was temporary. There came another bomb soon. This time, it destroyed the wall of the room they were in.
Aunt whispered in Srijita’s ear- “Beta, right now they won’t come this side as they must be assuming nobody is alive here because of the bomb. You crawl through this area and try to escape this place secretly.”
“Yes, it would be good if you leave the place now,” uncle supported.
“But what will happen to you people?”
“Do not worry. Nothing will happen to us. You leave before they come again.”
Srijita didn’t want to. But her uncle and aunt forced her to leave. With tears in her eyes she crawled out of the broken wall and went towards the dark. She crossed her backyard and entered the grassy land.
A little away, one could see from the moonlight, the silhouette of a father and a son.
“Take this gun. Get ready. We HAVE to make our mission a success this time at any cost.”
“Yes baba,” Joy replied.
Just then the man’s phone rang. He picked it up.
“Yes,” he said as he held the phone.
From the other side it said- “Everything is going as per our plan. Our niece has left the place and has entered the farm.”
“Good!” the man said and hung up. He then turned to his son. “Your turn has come. Go ahead. All the best.”
As Joy marched towards that direction a cavalcade of thoughts went on in his mind. He felt his mind get divided into two parts- an angel and a devil. But which one was the angel and which one was devil, he couldn’t decide.
“Joy don’t do this. The girl is not at fault.”
“Joy, this is our mission. You are the hope of every Hartist right now.”
“Joy you are doing wrong. It is not good to kill innocent.”
“Then why did your sister have to die? Was she not innocent?”
“The girl trusts you Joy. She has shared her feelings with you.”
“It is not your fault if she trusts you. And you should be proud you have been able to fool one among those who have been fooling you people for decades.”
“This is not a solution. Hatred carries nothing.”
“You are getting soft corner towards one who is your enemy! Think about your baba. His respect among Hartists is in your hands now.”
“So for him am I compelled to do something I feel wrong?”
“It is not wrong. And the fact is if you don’t kill the girl your baba is definitely going to kill himself. He can’t stand this.”
As Srijita tried to cross the area she came across the body of a dead Hartist. This time, she had no time for feelings for the dead. She saw the revolver in his hand and picked it up. She then went ahead. She crawled and crawled until she reached at a distance. And then, she suddenly saw somebody holding a gun. She could not see the face, just the silhouette. But it was enough for her to understand who the person was. Her fear was replaced by anger. She stood up. The guy noticed her. He raised his revolver to shoot her. “Are you doing right?” something asked him again.
The girl also raised the revolver. This time she had no fear. She just had anger. The revolver weighed heavy. For the first time she was going to use it.
She closed her eyes tight, and pressed the trigger. BOOM!
The revolver fell from her hand.
Soon there came a shrill cry from the boy’s side. The girl opened her eyes. With the moonlight, she could just see the boy hold his chest with one hand. She knew she had taken her revenge.
The boy held his gun with the other hand. She pointed it towards the girl. The girl’s anger gradually got over as she had taken her revenge. And the fear again took its place. She turned the other side and began running as fast as she could. “Boom!” came the noise from the boy’s revolver, followed by the words “I’m sorry”, which nobody except him could hear. The girl fell down. She closed her eyes. She felt it is all over. It took half a minute for her, before she realized she had escaped the bullet. She got up and began running again.
On the other hand, the boy lay flat on the ground, writhing with pain. The moon, from the top, had seen a good amount of bloodshed by then. It hid behind the cloud. The darkness increased. The boy himself could not see the blood that was oozing out of his chest. He could just feel it. Questions and arguments still went in his mind.
“Have you done right?”
“Why not? Now baba won’t have to face insults from any Hartist. His son would die a martyr’s death for them.”
“But you could not hit the girl.”
“I had tried. But couldn’t.”
“Didn’t you think of the lots of Hartists who have been suffering?”
“Our suffering won’t reduce if we make them suffer.”
“Your Baba had taught you to use the gun. But you could not make its proper use. You couldn’t even shoot a girl. Why?”
“Because I… I loved the girl.”
“You loved the girl?! You loved your enemy?”
“The rich can be the poor’s enemy. A police commissioner or his daughter can be a Hartist’s enemy. But ‘Srijita’ was never ‘Joy’’s enemy. If at all I have made a mistake, it was a fortunate one. It has rescued me from committing a blunder. And secondly, hatred can be overcome only by love.”
As Joy thought all this he felt his soul leaving his body. He closed his eyes. When he knew he could utter just one last line, he said- “Stay happy, my Hartist companions. Stay happy, Srijita.”
He was now a lifeless body.
Srijita ran and ran until she found some of her papa’s acquaintances. She narrated everything to them. Some of their men went to the spot, only to find the lifeless body of Joy, his one hand holding the gun, and other one on his blood-stained chest.
One of them phoned Commissioner Anand in the hospital- “Good news, sir. The situation has been brought under control. Majority of the Hartists have been killed. Others have been taken captive.”
“That’s great. Anything else?”
“And there is a sad news. We could not rescue your brother and his wife. They have been killed. Your house has also been bombarded. But your daughter has done a very brave act. She has killed the Hartist who had tried to kill her.”
And in a short time, the area was completely at peace. The localites saw the alive Hartists being carried to jail. The Hartist leader had tears as well as pride in his eyes. His son had died a martyr’s death.

This incident ultimately led to a conference. After a lot of debate and discussion, the Hartists decided to drop their guns, while the Government decided to take special steps regarding their benefit as a whole.
Srijita was awarded by the President for her brave act. She still could not believe how she could do such a task. It was beyond her dreams.

It was yet another night. The farm behind Srijita’s re-constructed house was deserted. From the moonlight one could just see the silhouette of the two owls that stayed there. They were talking to each other.
“So, is your nest complete?” one of them asked.
“Yes. Pray no bullet damages it again,” the other replied.
“It seems the boy had got a liking for you. He had cried with pain when the girl shot your nest.
“May be it was fear that had made him cry out in that manner. You could see how nervous he was throughout the time.”

“No. The boy was fearless. He had cried when the girl hit your nest. But did not make a single noise later when he shot himself.”

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Friday, August 21, 2015

The coolest revolution ever

Isn’t it cool to know that Airtel is coming up with a revolution in the field of Internet? Yes, for the first time we shall be introduced with 4G- something we had been waiting for over the past few years. And the best thing is that it is going to be available at 3G prices itself- a bonus surprise for me. Well, by now you must have got the idea that whatever happens, I am going to be among the earliest customers of Airtel 4G. With the unbelievable and superfast speed, I will get for myself lots of goodies! And it is not just me, it is also you who can get your share of goodies if you just go and grab your share of Airtel 4G SIM.

Softwares of huge memory had always been a headache for me. I neither have time nor patience to sit in front of the desktop screen or stare at the mobile screen for hours checking what percentage of the stuff has been downloaded. Instead, I looked for friends or cyber café owners if they had an extra copy of those softwares. Well, with Airtel 4G, I look forward to bid goodbye to the old process. Now I need not wait. My favourite softwares will be with me within seconds, anytime I want!

Checking YouTube videos also had been very disturbing for me. I generally look for videos that help me in my studies. There are several videos that help me clear concepts of many things. In that case, when I try to concentrate on a video, and the video suddenly stops with that text ‘buffering’, it irritates like hell! Earlier I simply could not see the videos fully as a five- minute video took half-an-hour to finish. With the emergence of 3G, things became more comfortable, but some loopholes remained. With 4G, I would be able to see the videos as if they are not from YouTube, rather stored in my system itself. I can watch with fullest concentration without even the fear of it getting paused midway.

Well, talking about videos, how can I ignore the movies? Of all the things I love to keep in my system, movies carry most of the memory. For this reason, till date, downloading movies from torrent had always been a future-dream to me. I never could imagine of downloading anything whose memory is in gigabytes. Well, with Airtel 4G, I feel my awaited ‘future’ has come. It always brings a ‘yeppie!’ moment whenever I think of the fact that now I can download my favourite movies from the internet in a very very short time!

Apart from these, I know many goodies would be waiting for me when I explore the internet with my Airtel 4G. Oops! The goodies would not be just for me. For you people as well!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Time to guess the new league

Our all-time favourite Kapil Dev- the retired Cricketer- is bringing with himself something he calls ‘Ek Nayi League’. About this thing, which literally means ‘A new League’, he has only revealed that this is such a league where the player is sure to get a hit-wicket if they play with their heart. Now what he means by it, is still a suspense. The only thing certain abut it is ‘cricket’ as the term ‘hit wicket’ is related only with this game.
Before our favourite once-upon-a-time cricketer breaks the suspense, why not make some guesses on what it must be. Let’s begin this way- when is it advised to people not to use their hearts or sentiments while doing their tasks? As far as I remember, it is said to surgeons. It is said that if they have any emotional feeling for the patient, they cannot perform their operation properly and may end up killing the poor patient. But will this apply here? No. We are not going to do any operation or post-mortem of the cricket ball. We are just going to play a game.
Okay, if we think of games, we see that it is actually advised to the players to play with all their heart in order to win. As far as I can think, I find only one game where I personally feel this thing is not much applicable. That’s the slow cycle race. Here if you put your heart in the race, you would ride faster. But here the person who wins is the one who is the slowest. But we don’t find wickets in slow-cycle race. Nor do we play cricket on cycles. So this guess also needs a goodbye!
Now, if we talk keeping just ‘cricket’ in the centre, we can think of only one time when it is advised to the players not to use their hearts. It is the time when the opponent team members try to abuse or attack the sentiments of the cricketers. At that moment if the cricketer takes things to heart, he cannot concentrate on the game. So does it mean this league is such where abusing an opponent cricketer would actually be allowed? Or will there be people around who would be appointed just to make the players mentally weak??? To be honest, I find a small possibility.
But then, one more thing comes in my mind. Will, in this league, the rules be somewhat like that of the slow cycle race? Just as in the race, you need to cycle the slowest without your feet touching the ground, similarly, will the rule in this game be that you need to score the lowest but actually need to hit the ball and make a few runs?? It’s a ‘new league’ after all. Anything can happen. But still, I can’t convince myself much.
At the end of the day, all I can conclude is my third guess will find a possibility. There will be people trying to make the game tough for the players by weakening them mentally.

And I can conclude one more thing as well- If Kapil Dev sir is reading this post right now, he is sure to laugh his heart out! (So will I myself, when I shall read it back once the original secret is disclosed).

Friday, April 17, 2015

Pertaining to the modern era

It felt really great to know that ASUS- a home to computer hardwares and accessories- has now come up with an advanced range of smartphones. But in order to choose the best of bests, one definitely needs to do a bit of research. And once my research was complete (which took me a little more than an hour), I indeed came up with the smartphone that not only proved the best not only among other other smartphones, but also proved itself something more than just ‘smartphone’ owing to its super-versatile features and super-extended battery life- fully pertaining to the demand of the modern era. Here are the five best reasons I have chalked out (from among many that I found) which proves why ASUS Zenfone 2- the best among the bests- is indeed going to rekindle your smartphone experience-
          1.  A smartphone should be no less than a PC in your pocket! It often happens that you are busy playing your favourite game when suddenly you cannot move ahead and miss your target score just because your phone suddenly slows down. But now, this problem has come to an end. With its super 4 GB RAM- that is seldom found in any other smartphone- Zenfone 2 gives you an awesome smartphone experience- be it in terms of gaming, internet-browsing or any other activity.
2.     2.   It often happens that you are busy chatting with your loved one sitting on a train, when suddenly a ‘low battery’ message pops up on the phone. You have to immediately end the chat and keep the phone on stand-by lest you can’t attend to emergency calls. You keep wondering what percentage of battery charge it carried when you had plugged out the charger for the last time. Well, with Zenfone 2, this problem won’t trouble you as it comes with a battery life extended to a great extent. And the best thing is that you do not have to hold your patience for long when your phone is set to charging, as the speed charging of the phone can charge the battery to as much as 60% in a mere 39 minutes. So with this phone, you can get a long lasting battery life with very little patience.
3.    3.    Want to send a selfie of yourself to your loved one? Or want to capture some rare scene? A poor quality camera in your smartphone spoils the moment. Zenfone 2 is here to solve your problem in this regard as well. With its Pixel Master Camera, the device helps you capture high resolution, stunning pictures at any hour. Here, you do not need a flash while capturing low-light scenes as the device helps capture photos upto 400% brighter at night. The camera has a giant resolution of 13 MP where as the secondary camera is of 5 MP.
4.    4.    Right from apps to MP3 to movies, you may be tired of storing things in your smartphone- but the device won’t. With its internal memory upto 64 GB (and memory card support of 64 GB), you can store a large number of things in your phone. The huge storage coupled with the 4 GB RAM is indeed going to make your smartphone a PC in your pocket.
5.     5.   Last but certainly not the least, the device has a super IPS capacitive screen with 16M colours, with a resolution of 1080x1920 pixels. Its v5.0 (lollipop) Android OS comes as a cherry on the cake.

At the end of the day, I really feel awesome being a proud owner of this brand new version of ASUS Smartphone.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Meeting The Dreams

I always feel amazed when I look at my past. I compare my life today with my life then. And what I can see around is an air of optimism. An optimism that helps me dream my future. My present also is nothing but the future I dreamt of in my past.Today, thankfully, my dreams- that seemed bit futile then, have met the goal of reality. And that's why, my dreams for future no more seem futile.
Ten years back, in some big school present in a small town, a small boy could be seen crying in front of his senior- pleading him to allow him in the elocution competition. He was rejected. He waited for the 'next time'. And next year when the time came again, his pleadings began. This time he was told he would be informed. And just the next day, the boy found the list of selected students on the notice board. The boy was not even allowed the audition. He was unfit in the eyes of the captains for he had never participated in elocution earlier- and they felt his performance would lead their house to defeat.
The boy was broke. He waited for a ray of light. He ultimately found it a few years later, when he reached class 9- when a teacher praised him for his English. For the first time, the boy felt he got something he needed very much. His hidden shelf was getting transparent. His dark within found a tiny lamp of optimism.
That year, as usual, he was not allowed audition for elocution. But something awaited him- that he didn't know right then. On the day of the competition, once the main programme was over, the Principal invited students from the audience if they wanted to say something on any one of the given topics. The boy came to know it was meant for him. He rushed to the stage.
The audience chuckled and some even laughed when the boy came in front of the microphone. They must have wondered he would only make a fool of himself as he was not one of those regular orators. But by the time the boy ended his speech there was an applause from the same audience. He was recognised.
And then there was no turning back. By the time the boy left school, things changed to such an extent that when speech or writing-based item took place, his name was present there by default. The boy never denied any chance. He, however, never took part in extempore.
Time flowed. The boy completed his HS and joined college- in an entirely new place. Every face was new to him. But he knew he had to be a known face to those unknowns. And one day, he got the chance to kick-start his mission- when the teacher asked the students to present a seminar speech on a simple topic from the syllabus. The boy had no idea about seminar. But he still raised his hand. He was called. He faced his classmates and just said whatever he knew and personally felt about the topic. He was now a known face among his classmates. But his reach had to be widened.
He fell in the eyes of the college seniors and union members when he presented a speech in the teachers' day. A few days later, somebody from the college union phoned him and asked him to come to the college the next day, as a bunch of competitions was scheduled by the union that day.
Next day when the boy went to college, he was shown the list of competitions. He took part in essay writing.
When the programme began, one of the organisers asked him to take part in extempore as well. The boy denied straight away as he had never taken part in it, and secondly, he feared he could be given any topic based on that particular city, which he was yet to know properly. But the organisers said topics would be as simple as train or minibus or house. In order to keep their request, the boy said 'okay'.
And finally, the extempore competition began. The boy's turn came. He was asked topic a folded chit from the plate. He picked one. Unfolded it. He expected 'train' or'minibus' or 'house' to be written there. And the topic read-
"She is mine, but I am not hers."

The boy looked at the waiting audience and the bench of judges. He then went in front of the microphone. Taking a deep breath, he began. He told about a boy who loved a girl a lot, yet could not get her acceptance as she ran after a richer guy. He spoke with emotions as far as possible. And towards the end, he found an applauding audience and judges. When the results were announced, he was declared first in the competition.
And then, the ball came in his court. He was known for his speech and also his writing. In his final year he became the publishing secretary of the college.
Today, as the boy- that's me- is writing this blog-post, he still is looking back at the time that he feels has blown like a gust of wind.

My dream is getting fulfilled. Slowly but steadily, I know I can make it. For in order to pave the way to my goal, there is the presence of optimism- in abundance.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The First Meet

It is said that a thing of beauty is a joy for ever. Today, in our vast life, if we are able to find some time for our dear ones, it becomes one of the most happy moments. The moments may be temporary, but the memories are permanent. The happiness returns every time we remember the moments. The momens may be planned,may be unplanned. The joy remains constant. The joy comes when we suddenly meet some school-day friend in a train. It comes when some relative pays a surprise visit. When there is a reunion in our alma mater. And the joy comeswhen we are alone in our cosy bed, recalling those times. My life has also lived those joys. The memories stillremain tomake me happy during sad hours. One of those most special memories is of the time when I had met Nidhi for time.
Nidhi had become my friend on Facebook sometime in the beginning of the year 2014. I do not quite remember how exactly we peoplecame in contact. Her facebook profile resembles that of some army officer and that is the reason I initially had presumed it was me who had sent her the request as those days I was looking for someone who could help meclear some queries regarding army life owing to one of my stories. However, Nidhi later told me the request was from her part as those days she was looking for a suitable bride for one of her relatives and sent friend-requests to any young boy she found on Facebook (but in my case, she found the'groom' to be too young who was not even a graduate right then).
Anyways, with the flow of time, I and Nidhi came closer. From friends, we turned best friends. From Facebook, we expanded our conversation level to phone-calls and Whatsapp. Chatting became a daily routine where we shared our deepest secrets with each other. I became quite desparate to meet her in person. Then one day, she said she was coming to Durgapur- my place- for a couple of days.
I was overjoyed to hear this. The next few chats saw us make plans of how and when to meet. Then one day I informed Nidhi that I had filled the form for CDS exam. She became bit excited and asked me not to purchase any book as she herself would give me one.
And then, on the scheduled day, I went to Junction Mall, the placewhere we were supposed to meet. I went to crossword bookstore and surfed the books as I waited for her. Just then, my phone rang. Nidhi was waiting for me downstairs.
I immediately went down the escalator to find Nidhi stand near the giant gate of Junction Mall. It felt great to see her for the first time. I presented her the friendship band I had brought for her. And then she said with a smile, 'There is something for you as well.' So saying, she took out a couple of gift-wrapped items from her handbad. On her persuasion I unpacked them then and there. One was a set of Ferraro Rocher chocolates and the other one was a beautiful key-chain with Lord Krishna and Radha carved on a gold plate. I simply was delighted seeing them!
We then went to Crossword Bookstore where I got a chocolate set for her. From there we went to the third floor of the mall. There, we gossiped like anything! We laughed and joked so much that the people stared at us. We also had serious moments. We chatted for two full hours. And then, we took photographs. The, as we came out of the mall, Niwi gave me the CDS reference book and a few old question papers which indeed were a cherry on the cake. And then, as we waved goodbye, I felt my heart bit heavy.
That was my first and only proper meet with Nidhi. We met again months later as my CDS exam was over and I had to return the book to her. But this meet was a temporary five-minute one. Chatting continued and still continues- though less as compared to earlier ones. But since I have left Durgapur now, and am in a place where she hardly can have a reason to come, I do not know if I ever will be able to meet her again. But the hope is alive.
The time we had spent together that day has become an everlasting memory today. The key-chain she had presented is still with me, safe in my locker. I take it out of the locker whenever I recall her. I kiss the carving of Radha and Krishna, put the key-chain back in the case, and place the thing back in the locker.